Other Projects

Hewlett Packard, Co.

2011 - As technical lead for the AirPrint at one of HP's LaserJet printer divisions I created an iPad application that interfaces with the AirPrint APIs on iOS.  The application prints unto 12x18" image based upon the Media-Ready values from the printer.  Media-Ready is an Internet Print Protocol (IPP) attribute that the printer can use to tell the client what size paper is loaded in the printer.

This allow an iOS application that is using AirPrint to display the list of paper sizes the printer currently has installed and the user can select the preferred media size and the application can format the print job to match the selected media size.

HP AirPrint Test App

Micon Technology Pico Projector

2010 - I worked in Micron's startup group. I wrote the firmware for the Pico projector application boards and the development boards.  

I wrote Windows and Mac OS X test and programming software in Python using WxWidgets.  

Additionally, we had an Apple MFi license for a video cable to drive the pico projector application boards and development boards.

To test the MFi compatible cable and Pico projectors I created a simple iPad test application to detect the video resolution being reported by the cable and Pico projector, and to drive the external video out with the full screen resolution.


2009 - BasicIP, LLC

EnTitle was the second invention capture application for BasicIP.  The goal of this application was capture the invention idea as simply as possible so it could be captured and recorded as simply as possible.  Thus, the date, inventors list and email distribution lists are auto populated with preference data.

Voice recording to aiff file and use of the built in camera was used to capture the inventors ideas.


2008 BasicIP, LLC

Created an iPhone application for BasicIP, LLC to provide a mobile application to capture the essence of invention capturing for patent applications.  This application is available on the Apple App Store.

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Fuel Log

2008 - Fuel Log application to track fuel purchase and track trends in fuel cost and fuel efficiency over time.  Originally a free application from the App Store but Fuel Cubby was way better!

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