Training Log for iPhone and iPod Touch

Training Log is the perfect tool for tracking your workouts.  Whether you're a Ironman triathlete or a fitness enthusiast, Training Log will help you be consistent in your workouts.  

Training Log is a simple but elegant solution for jotting down your workout details using  your iPhone or iPod Touch.  And just as easily, you can share your workouts with your friends on Twitter or Facebook.

Track Workout Details:

• Workouts (e.g., swimming, cycling, running, weight lifting, yoga)

• Workout variations (e.g., on road, trail, track, deep water running)

• Level of intensity (e.g., intervals, tempo, long slow distance, easy)

• Distance

• Duration

• Ave Heart Rate

• Max Heart Rate

• Personal Rating: 0 to 5 Star Workout

• Note field for custom comments

Share Individual Workouts:

• Share them on Twitter, Facebook, and more to come.

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